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Play It Loud! ~ gupi Aug 26th, 2017 at Bikkuri Lounge, Orlando

AGES 18 & UP

Featuring Live Performances by-

~gupi (CA)- Gupi is a California based producer who gathers musical inspiration from all around. His sets are composed of all original music with live elements. Get ready for trap, dubstep, and late 2000’s acapellas you never wanted to hear again.

~Fraxiom (MA)- Fraxiom makes music gauranteed to make you jump. providing hard, blasting basslines alongside cute and sugary melodies, he creates an experience that's hard not to tweet about.

~Secret Castle (FL)- ♡ Happy Hardcore Happy Home ♡ Secret Castle is a journey of fast, energetic, and hard-hitting tunes one after another, keeping you on your toes and on your feet~!

~Rabbit Crime (FL)- Rabbit Crime is a long time fan of nightcore and wants to make you dance with fast-paced poppy tunes. Wait, hold on, did we book an actual rabbit? Is that a bunny on stage?

Our venue Bikkuri Lounge offers the best in Japanese cuisine including sushi, sake, and a full bar!

Art by Laeluu


Bikkuri Lounge (Map)
1915 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32803
United States